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Resource Table Materials for all Programs

Our programs work to facilitate mental health recovery through support and education. Having a resource table is a great way to expand and localize the resources available to your program participants, as well as advertise other services, programs or events being offered by your NAMI affiliate. All program leaders are encouraged to work with their affiliate to develop pertinent resources to be shared at all program events.

If the document is a google form, then you will need to download to your computer in order to edit.

  • Suggestions for Resource Table – Provide materials to help your participants/group members.
  • NAMI Membership Form Template – Reflect Standards of Excellence.
  • Photo Release Form – Use to snap great pictures of your course graduates and post on a website, facebook, or other publications. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  • NAMI Mission Statement – Know who NAMI is and what services we offer.
  • Action Alert Sign-up Sheet– Sign up and receive information and requests for action from NAMI Virginia on legislative activity to ensure the legislators are listening to the needs of those living with mental illness!
  • Volunteer Form – Form to identify potential volunteers and their areas of interest.
  • NIMH Information – Instructions to access NIMH’s free mental health publications.
  • Virginia Family Network Flyer– Information about VFN. This is mostly for Basics, CCB, and Family to Family and Family Support groups.
  • Virginia Family Network– Sign-up sheet- for participants who want more information on the Virginia Family Network.
  • DBHDS announcement – Informs participants on how NAMI programs are funded.
  • Advanced Directive – A one page flyer on Advanced Directives. NAMI Virginia also offers a resource page focused on Advanced Directives. This information is intended to provide resources and information about Advance Directives. NAMI Virginia does not necessarily endorse the information that is contained in these links and resources.

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