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NAMI Virginia Online Programs

Due to COVID-19, program capacity has become limited due to the need for social distancing.  In order to offer ongoing support and education, NAMI Virginia is excited to announce our upcoming online programs that will be available statewide!

Online Support Groups- NEW!

To serve our community and to reach people with mental health issues and their loved ones who need help at this unprecedented time, NAMI Virginia will be holding two statewide online support groups.

NAMI Family Support Group for parents of children 17 and under

When: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month from 7:00pm-8:30pm

What: This is a free, peer led support for parents of children living with mental health challenges Our NAMI Family Support Groups offer a confidential space to share and gain sincere uncritical acceptance from others with similar experiences.

How: This meeting is held on Zoom. Please email to request the link.

Coming soon- Peer support group for young adults (18-30) living with mental health conditions. 

Online Education Courses

When:  April 27th, April 29th, and May 1st from 7:00pm-9:00pm

What: This 3-day course provides education and support for parents of children living with mental health                                 challenges. The course is free and requires pre-registration here

Online Youth and Young Adult Programming- NEW!

Guided Self Care– is a twice monthly, one-hour long activity based group for both YA and Youth. Facilitators will guide the group through a new self-care practice as the participants partake in the practice. During the final 20 minutes, the group will discuss how they felt during the practice and how their self-care routine has gone over the previous week. Registration will be required and it will be held on Zoom. Registration is required

When: The 2nd and 4th Mondays of the Month from 6pm-7pm

Stay in and Stay Busy – a weekly 45-minute group led by peers, supportive organizations, professionals and NAMI VA Staff. This event is held on Zoom and focuses on creative ways to stay occupied and take a break from school or work during shelter in place. Topics include new hobbies, remote volunteer projects, community engagement, art & crafting and other topics.  There is a limit for participants so registration is required.  Topics will be released a week in advance.Registration is required

When: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays for Youth (14-17) 7pm-8pm

2nd and 4th Wednesday for Young Adults  7pm-8pm

Film and friends – a weekly film screening  that allows all participants to view that same movie in real time through a shared link created by the Netflix Party on Google Chrome. This is limited to 15 participants per viewing party and allows movie goers to respond to one another in a chat box for all to view. The goal is to relax and have fun while viewing a film with individuals who share similar lived experiences with mental healthThere is a limit to 15 participants for registration is required. Selected films will be shared a week in advance.   Registration is required.

When: 1st and 3rd Friday for Youth (14-17) 7pm-9pm

2nd and 4th Friday for young adults 7pm-9pm

For more information about these programs please contact


We will be utilizing Zoom to host our programs.  Zoom is an online video conferencing tool which allows individuals to meet virtually via video and/or audio from phones, computers, and tablets. Zoom works best by downloading the app, however, it is not required. If you have any questions – technical or otherwise – feel free to contact us!

Although this is a different platform, please remember that our programs are still a place of confidentiality and adhere to the privacy policy of NAMI VA. The conversation shared within the programs must remain within the group. Zoom software is designed to be HIPAA compliant, meaning the video is encrypted to ensure confidentiality. We have disabled audio, video, and chat recording capabilities. We ask that you do not attempt to record or save any of the video or messages shared during the programs. We also ask that you consider your surroundings – try to find a space with no traffic and that is not easily listened upon, and use headphones if you can.

NAMI Online Programming Offered Locally

Many of our fourteen affiliates are holding additional online support groups and education programs. Below are a list of those affiliates who have indicate their programming is open to anyone in the state.  If you wish to learn what your local affiliate is offering your community around online programming, please refer to their local website which you can find by clicking here



Please, check back soon for more information!

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