The Top Five Things To Know About Buying Health Insurance

Did you know it’s time to sign up for health coverage for 2019? If you need health insurance, you can enroll at HealthCare.Gov. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still the law and ensures that health coverage is available for those who need it. Here are the top things you need to know: Comprehensive coverage more »

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Facing Discrimination While Advocating

I take my mental health advocacy very seriously. I know firsthand how important progress towards acceptance is. Unfortunately, I also know how it feels to be discriminated against both for my mental illness and as an advocate: miserable, threatened, defeated, paranoid, or that I shouldn’t be advocating at all. Just a series of nasty remarks more »

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Virginia lawmakers recommend increasing funding for mental health, school resource officers

October 11, 2018

School resource officers Erica Loor (left) and Jason Johnson speak with students at George Wythe High School in Richmond. State lawmakers have suggested spending more money on police officers in schools.  DEAN HOFFMEYER/TIMES-DISPATCH Virginia needs to spend more on school resource officers and mental health services to improve school safety, state legislators recommended Tuesday. The more »

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