Resources for all Programs Coordinators

NAMI Virginia works closely with local affiliates to provide support groups and educational courses and presentations. Affiliate level program coordinators are instrumental in the success of these local programs by ensuring the program has an annual schedule, recruiting and supporting program volunteers, ensuring the local affiliate board is aware of activities, adequately supporting the growth of the program, and ensuring program impact is recorded. NAMI Virginia works hard to support the leadership of these local program coordinators. This page contains materials to help guide a program coordinator in their role. Should you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Program specific materials for coordinators can be found in the search bar to the left.

Program Management Expectations
NAMI Virginia Affiliate Program Coordinator Handbook (new 2016) – Much of the below is contained within this handbook, and we encourage this document to be your first step in searching for answers or resources for your program coordinator role.
NAMI Virginia Program Priorities
NAMI Virginia Program Development Policy (updated 2016)
NAMI Virginia Volunteer Rights & Responsibilities Form
NAMI All Programs Data Entry Directions
NAMI Programs Fidelity Policy
NAMI Signature Program Operating Policies (updated 2017)
NAMI Programs Cultural Adaptation and Translation Procedures
NAMI Code of Conduct for Program Volunteers
AMI Program Volunteer De-certification Policy
Checklist for Finding your Program ‘Brightspots’

Training Resources

NAMI Virginia Guide to Hosting a Local Program Training
Training Waiting List – This list is where the state office keeps track of individuals who have expressed interest in a NAMI volunteer training. Coordinators can access this list and add people by contacting Mary Beth Walsh.  
Getting the Affiliate Board Behind your Programs
Volunteer Recruitment Assessment Tool
Find a Program Volunteer Application or Training
Tips for Engaging Potential Volunteers

Volunteer Management

Please see chapter 2 of the Coordinator Handbook

Setting Goals for your Local Program
Program Volunteer Engagement Tips
Tips for Delegating Tasks
Tips for Motivating your Volunteers
Tips for Dealing with Unreliable Volunteers
Program Volunteer Performance Evaluation Guide & Form
Program Volunteer Six Month Satisfaction Survey (provided by NAMI Virginia)
Program Volunteer One Year Satisfaction Survey (provided by NAMI Virginia)
Program Volunteer Exit Survey (provided by NAMI Virginia)