Strengthen your Board

The Board of Directors of a nonprofit have an overarching purpose to guide the organization’s direction, activities and financial security towards fulfillment of its mission. For smaller nonprofits with no staff, the board is termed a “working board” and directors are equally responsible for supervising and executing the activities of the organization. For larger nonprofits with many staff, the directors often move away from overseeing or managing day to day activities in place of fundraising and strategic direction. All board members are ultimately legally responsible for the activities of the nonprofit therefore it is important each board member understands his/her duty to the organization and is prepared to serve successfully in the role. Below are some materials to help you strengthen your Affiliate Board. Please note, for access to some websites you will need to sign up for a free NAMI account.

Board Orientation

Board Training

Board Retreat

Board Recruitment

Legal Compliance

Risky Management



Financial Management

Community Engagement

Programs and Volunteer Management

Interested in additional Board learning opportunities? Check out the free resources at the premier site for nonprofit Boards, Boardsource and Foundation Center.