For years, NAMI members and NAMI leaders have been searching for ways to strengthen the NAMI movement. NAMI members want NAMI to be a “household name” and a recognized and influential force in our communities. As part of a national effort to do just this, NAMI has implemented standards of operation for all levels (national, state, local) of NAMI termed Standards of Excellence. As such, state organizations and affiliates will be required to meet certain standards in order to continue to use the NAMI name and brand.

There are two phases to Standards of Excellence: first was the state organizations. NAMI Virginia met the requirements and was formally chartered with NAMI in 2012. The second phase focuses on affiliates and is termed re-affiliation. Similarly the focus of this phase is to help affiliates come in line with NAMI’s standards around operations, communication, financial management and record keeping. NAMI Virginia is currently working to create resources to assist affiliates with these steps, which will be housed on this page.

A few important points to make clear:

  • As of March 2017, NAMI instituted a deadline for re-affiliation.  By the end of 2017, 50% of our affiliates should be ready to be endorsed by NAMI, and by the end of 2018, all of our affiliates should be ready to be endorsed by NAMI.  
  • NAMI Virginia has endorsed two NAMI affiliate models: Model A (incorporated, operating independently as a 501c3) and Model B (unincorporated and under the state office). 
  • Coming into compliance with NAMI’s standards at the affiliate level will be similar and unique for each affiliate.  Please realize it will be a learning process for both the affiliates and the state office. NAMI Virginia staff will be working as best as possible, within capacity and resources, to help affiliates with the re-affiliation process.

To begin to orient yourself to the process, please review the resources below.  Please note that you will need a account (free) to access some of these resources.

For more information or other questions, contact