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HR 34 – Mental Health Reform Summary

Jamycheal Mitchell Tragedy

Second letter to US DOJ Requesting Investigation (10.3.16)

Federal Investigation Request Letter for Death of Jamycheal Mitchel (6.6.16)

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Membership Survey on Mental Health Policy Priorities


There are several different efforts for reform of Virginia’s mental health care system including the Joint Subcommittee to Study Mental Health Services in the Twenty-First Century, revisions to the Medicaid Managed Long-term Services and Supports Program, The Substance Use Disorder Medicaid Waiver, and possible amendments to Virginia biennial budget. NAMI Virginia seeks to effectively represent our members’ viewpoints during public policy advocacy efforts. Below are findings from the 2016 survey of NAMI Virginia members. Findings were published in September 2016. Click here for a summary of our 2016 Membership SurveyClick here for a summary of our 2015 Membership Survey.

Parent Access Survey

The Virginia Family Network, a program of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Virginia (NAMI Virginia), has conducted a statewide survey targeting parents or caregivers who have children or youth with mental health needs.  The goal is to inform policy makers with a better understanding of families’ experiences in accessing children’s mental health services in Virginia.  Approximately 200 parents responded, including representation from each of Virginia’s regions.  In addition, parents reported experiences with multiple systems, both public and private. Click here for a summary of our 2015 Membership SurveyClick here for the full report.

Position Statements

Fact sheets are concise documents that help explain the issue for which you are educating and advocating. Use these fact sheets when educating and speaking with friends, policy makers, community partners, and others. Please visit www.nami.org for additional fact sheets.

Complaint Filed to Office of Civil Rights: Auxiliary Grants

Barriers to Discharge from State Hospitals

Managed Care in Virginia