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Advanced Youth Leadership Training

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A two-day training focused on advocacy, strategic storytelling, and peer support. While the first day focuses mainly on learning new skills, effective leadership and the youth voice, the second day is optional and focuses on running a youth group and self-care. The training is ideal for any young adult who wants to use their lived experience to give back and help other young people who are dealing with mental health issues.

Program Goals

Education and Empowerment. One of the training’s main goals is introducing the concept of self-efficacy. The training also explores different forms of leadership within the context of community engagement. The topics of perspective and assumptions are also discussed, as youth explore different types of collaboration. We ultimately want youth and young adults to know that their voices can and do make a difference!

Who Leads the Program

Two trained young adults with lived mental health experience.

What People are Saying about the Program

The training makes me want to share my story more. I want to help stop the stigma of mental illness and be a person in my community that raises more awareness.”

I plan to use this information in leading my own peer support youth group.”

How to Find the Program in Your Community

Contact Sophie Fontaine at or (804) 285-8264 ext. 204

How to Give Back

Host a training at your organization or in your community!
Become a youth/young adult ambassador and spread the word!

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