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Begun first as a loose federation of a few like-minded local groups seeking a national presence for federal-level advocacy, NAMI has grown to become the largest grassroots mental health advocacy group in the nation. NAMI strives to epitomize the very concepts of recovery and resiliency that it supports: we are empowered, holistic, strength-based, respectful, responsible, and person-centered. Above all, NAMI represents hope. NAMI harnesses the considerable passion of thousands of local volunteers who are dedicated to transforming America’s experience and understanding of serious mental illness.

In December 2018, NAMI reached a new organizational milestone, completing a five year effort to standardize the basic operations and services offered NAMI state office and affiliates nationwide. This effort worked to honor the grassroots nature of NAMI while also helping to clarify and standardize the basic services offered by every affiliate and state office.

To learn more about the history of the NAMI movement and NAMI Virginia in particular, please review our orientation.

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