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Get Help Now!

NAMI Virginia does NOT provide crisis services or direct services so if you or a loved one is experiencing a psychiatric crisis, please refer to these resources:

NAMI Virginia Toll-Free Help Line for Information and Resources

NAMI Virginia operates a toll-free HelpLine to provide information and resources to callers who are seeking information about mental illness topics. We can assist with locating support groups and educational programs; informations on how to access the mental health system; and providing you with general information about mental illness, education, support, and recovery. We are unable to furnish referrals/names to specific therapists, counselors, doctors, treatment centers, lawyers. etc.

Please note: We do not offer therapy, medical, legal advice, or crisis services. We are unable to furnish referrals/specific names for individual therapists, counselors, doctors, treatment centers, lawyers, etc. 

To reach our HelpLine for Information and Resources:


Call us:(804) 285-8264
Fax us:(804) 285-8464
HelpLine:1 (888) 486-8264
General administrative questions:namiva@verizon.net
HelpLine information & resources:info@namivirginia.org

PO Box 8260, Richmond, VA 23226-0260