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Get Help Now!

NAMI Virginia does NOT provide crisis services or direct services so if you or a loved one is experiencing a psychiatric crisis, please refer to these resources:

If you are experiencing a crisis at this time and are in need of immediate help or someone to speak with, there are many 24-hour hotlines available to you now - talking to someone may help. Below are just a few options you may find helpful. Please call if you are in crisis and seek immediate help & support.

For a more comprehensive list of hotlines, help lines, and information services for both Adults & Children, you may also wish to visit Teen Health & Wellness, which includes several options for help organized by subject, as well as Love to Know Recovery

For further crisis assistance, there are crisis stabilization facilities available throughout Virginia who may be able to offer further aid and support. 

NAMI Virginia Toll-Free Help Line for Information and Resources

NAMI Virginia operates a toll-free HelpLine to provide information and resources to callers who are seeking information about mental illness topics. We can assist with locating support groups and educational programs, information on how to access the mental health system, and providing you with general information about mental illness, education, support, and recovery. We are unable to furnish referrals/names to specific therapists, counselors, doctors, treatment centers, lawyers. etc.

Please note: We do not offer therapy, medical, legal advice, or crisis services. We are unable to furnish referrals/specific names for individual therapists, counselors, doctors, treatment centers, lawyers, etc. 

To reach our HelpLine for Information and Resources:


Call us:(804) 285-8264
Fax us:(804) 285-8464
HelpLine:1 (888) 486-8264
General administrative questions:namiva@verizon.net
HelpLine information & resources:info@namivirginia.org

PO Box 8260, Richmond, VA 23226-0260