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What is NAMI Smarts for Advocacy?

NAMI Smarts for Advocacy is a highly interactive and engaging workshop that employs a variety of adult learning strategies to build knowledge, confidence, and competence in:

Why was it developed?

While passionate and devoted, mental health advocates don't always know the most effective way to tell their stories and present the facts to encourage legislative action.  This training is designed to create a skills based effective advocates.  Because the NAMI Smarts training is structured to meet the needs of different learning styles and needs and is adaptable to various issues, it is effective with diverse audiences.

Who can attend a NAMI Smarts training?

The program can be offered to a wide range of individuals or groups who are interested in legislative advocacy on behalf of persons who live with mental illness -- from local NAMI affiliate s to consumer councils or groups to mental health professionals and more.  NAMI Smarts is free to NAMI members.  Others may be charged a fee.  The training is traditionally offered in a 6.5 hour one day seminar.  It can also be broken down into individual elements that are taught in 3 hour increments.

Is NAMI Smarts shown to be effective?

Pre- and post-training evaluations forms have shown an immediate quantitative feedback on participants' change in skill level and confidence.  Coupled with qualitative feedback this data builds a powerful case for the value of the training.

How can I learn more about attending a NAMI Smarts training?

NAMI Smarts is a new program to Virginia and we hope to offer it in many regions of the state.  Your interest helps!  Please contact your local affiliate and request it.  You can also learn more about the program and its growth by contacting Sarah Eisenman at ssteadman@namivirginia.org or 804-285-8264 x203.

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