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What is NAMI Hearts & Minds?

The NAMI Hearts & Minds program is an online, interactive, educational initiative promoting the idea of wellness in both mind and body. People who live with mental illness are often at higher risk of heart illness – smoking, obesity, diabetes, elevated cholesterol and hypertension - and much of that risk is preventable: knowledge is power. Educate yourself and you can decide what parts of your life you would like to change and you can determine your own success. Engaging in a wellness effort can make a huge difference in the quality of your life. Wellness is an ongoing process of learning how to make choices that support a more successful, healthy life. NAMI Hearts & Minds address these major risks through disease education and coaching wellness strategies including healthy eating, exercise, smoking cessation and medical self advocacy.

NAMI Hearts & Minds is designed for presentations to the public. The program comes with a facilitators guide, DVD, fact sheets, sample wellness journal and Roadmap to Wellness Guide. The presentations are designed to be presented in one 90 minute or four 45 minutes segments. Presentations should be conducted with a health professional present to answer questions and provide each audience member with a copy of the handouts.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a NAMI Hearts & Minds facilitator must:

To learn more about NAMI Hearts & Minds, see the NAMI National website or contact them directly at (703) 524-7600.

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