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Connection Recovery Support Groups

Detailed Program Overview

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Groups are 90-minute weekly support groups run by persons who live with mental illness for other persons with any diagnosis who also live with mental illness. These groups provide a place that offers respect, understanding, encouragement, and hope.

NAMI Connection Groups offer a casual and relaxed approach to sharing the challenges and successes of coping with mental illness. Each group:

All groups are confidential – participants can share as much or as little personal information as they wish.

Where in Virginia can I find a Connection Support Group?

Currently in Virginia there are Connection Support Groups forming or running in:

See a list and schedule of current Connection groups in Virginia.

Interested in becoming Connection Facilitator?  Come to a training!

Thank you to everyone who attended our spring 2013 Trainings!  It was very successful!

NAMI VA Connections Graduates 2012 Red Dot

Interested in Becoming a Connection Facilitator?

If you are interested in becoming a Connection Facilitator, please complete an application and contact your local affiliate connect with the local Connection Coordinator. 

Trainings are schedule upon the request of the affiliate or once sufficient interest warrants.  Those wishing to be considered as a candidate should complete an application and connect with their local affiliate.  If you are unable to reach someone with your local affiliate or have genear questions regarding NAMI proggram trainings please contact Sarah Steadman, Director of Programs at 804-285-8264 x203 or ssteadman@namivirginia.org


NAMI Connection facilitators are certified by attending and graduating from a 3-day training event. The training event is designed for facilitators to learn and practice specific skills that will guarantee a meaningful support group experience for all participants. After the training event, certified facilitators know how to encourage the group to make room for all of its voices; short-circuit personal sagas; engage the group in subjects of collective interest; encourage collective thought; and circumvent negative interactions by identifying common ground for real discussion among group participants. NAMI Connection Support Group facilitators make use of the strategies, structures, and processes they have learned from the training events to ensure the group provides a place that is safe and maintains group guidelines.

Thanks to a grant from the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services, the training is provided free of charge to participants.

What is a NAMI Connection "Champion?"

In every community, NAMI will be looking for "Connection Champions" to help ensure that NAMI Connection Recovery Support Groups take root, grow, and flourish. Some of the tasks a champion might perform are as follows:

Dedicated champions will help NAMI make history – by greatly increasing the number of people with mental illnesses whom we help and the number of people who learn about NAMI.

How can I become a NAMI Connection "Champion?"

You can contact your local Connection group faciliator or local affiliate directly to let them know that you are interested in becoming a NAMI Connection Champion.

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact Director of Programs Sarah Steadman at ssteadman@nami.org or at (804) 285-8264 x203.

Affiliate and Connections Recovery Support Group Program Leaders' Resources

Please make sure to check out resources on the Connections Recovery Support Group Program found under 'Resources for Strengthening your NAMI Program to help your program succeed!
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